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Dallas – Panhandle-to-Table Dinner

Join us on Thursday, August 22, 2024, at 6:30 PM. Indulge in a delectable five-course menu showcasing the finest flavors of the Texas Panhandle. This Panhandle-to-Table Dinner is a celebration of local bounty and community spirit, with proceeds directly benefiting those impacted by the fires. You’re invited to join us for our Panhandle Proud Dinner with our friends at Garrison Brothers, featuring ingredients from the Texas Panhandle and William Chris Wines.

Tickets $500

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Panhandle Proud is a 501(c)3 charity benefitting those impacted by the Texas Panhandle wildfires.

Panhandle Proud’s mission is to support wildfire recovery efforts through financial aid, long-term recovery, and fostering community solidarity. Their initiatives have made a tangible difference in the lives of those affected, demonstrating the power of collective action and generosity.

The Texas Panhandle More Than Just Geography

The Texas Panhandle isn’t just a location on a map; it’s a symbol of American perseverance and agricultural might. This region is a major producer of wheat, corn, cotton, and sorghum. Its ranches house thousands of cattle, and the fields here feed not just Texas, but a significant portion of the country. This makes the Panhandle a critical part of America’s agricultural backbone.

Wildfire Devastation

Tragedy struck the Texas Panhandle in Spring 2024 when wildfires ignited. The inferno consumed a staggering 1.5 million acres of land. In just a matter of days, over 350 homes and ranches were reduced to ashes. The flames tragically claimed the lives of 2 residents and decimated over 15,000 cattle, dealing a severe blow to the local economy.

The financial toll was staggering, exceeding $1 billion in losses. This included $123 million in agricultural damages and $35 million in residential property losses. In the aftermath of this disaster, Panhandle Proud was created to raise money and awareness for the affected communities.

Your $500 ticket includes a gourmet meal and a significant $400 donation to Panhandle Proud. This vital contribution will provide financial aid, support long-term recovery efforts, and foster community solidarity.

Panhandle Proud

Aug 22 6:30 PM
Where Dallas

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